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Our products

We cooperate with the highest quality suppliers in Croatia and provide the best quality for our customers.


Oak and Ash lamellas for multilayer parquet flooring.

1500 – 2500 x 130 – 250 x 4,2 mm
2000 – 3000 x 250 – 350 x 4,2/6 mm


Oak veneer per specification or custom cutting

2550 – 3150 x 100 (higher) x 1,5 mm

Requested dimensions in 0,6 mm thickness.

Solid panels

Oak edge glued panels

900 – 1300 x 650 x 34 mm / AB quality
900 – 1300 x 580 x 20 mm / AB and AC quality
Finger jointed oak and ash panels.


The company Josip Weber d.o.o. was founded in 1998 and the primary activity was the representation of DL Chemicals. The founder of the company was Josip Weber and the company is still a family owned company.

Twenty years after its establishment, our company continues to cooperate with DL Chemicals as an exclusive agent and we represent their Para (Parasilico / Parafoam) and Forsa brands on the markets of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Slovenia. After 14 years of work, we decided to expand into the segment of oak lamella production and with the existing company we founded Drvo Sloj d.o.o. who produced oak lamellas for the Belgian market. Drvo Sloj d.o.o. was founded in 2012 and merged with the company Josip Weber d.o.o. in 2014.

We continued with active work on the lamella market and we started also with oak veneer and solid oak panels. Our company cooperates with several manufacturers of lamellas, veneers and oak panels in Croatia. We perform the quality control, purchase and procurement of the required products. Our primary activity is in the wood industry and we are constantly looking for export partners for our products. We distribute most of the products directly to the markets of Belgium and the Netherlands. Employees of the company have more than 60 years of combined work and experience in the wood industry and thus we can guarantee top selection and access to this market. From 01.11.2017. the company was taken over by the founders son, Marko Weber, and continues with all business segments.

Marko Weber, mag.oec.


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